TRAVELLING BRICKS Exhibition made of LEGO® Open this Saturday and Sunday!

LEGO® lovers! Get ready to have your mind blown this summer with an unbelievable Exhibit made of LEGO® bricks – here in Canada! Brace yourselves for 120 jaw-dropping, breathtaking models, featuring 60 epic scenes created by none other than professional builders.

10,000 square feet of LEGO® bricks, Located at the Brockville Centennial Youth Arena.
138 Broadway Ave, Brockville Ontario

Fun for the Entire Family

Get ready for the most spectacular exhibit created entirely out of 1,000,000 LEGO® bricks!

Whether you’re a lifelong LEGO® enthusiast or just a casual admirer, this exhibit is guaranteed to blow your mind and leave you in awe of the limitless creativity that can be achieved with bricks. So, come and join us for the ultimate LEGO® fan experience of a lifetime!

Themes are:

Early Transport, Ships, Trains, Aviation, and Space with over 200,000 bricks to play with.

The interactive play area with 200,000 LEGO® bricks, brings together both educational and creative opportunities, for children to explore, learn and play at the same time.

Tambov, Russian Federation - January 17, 2021 Lego birthday girl minifigure with lollipop and gifts against gray baseplate with christmas light background

Travelling Bricks is headed your way! This exhibit has been taking the world by storm, wowing crowds across Italy, Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Cyprus, USA, and the UAE. And now, it’s finally making its way to Canada!

With so many countries already blown away by this exhibit, you know it’s going to be spectacular.

So grab your friends, family, and get ready to be amazed at what the world of art and creativity can achieve. See you there!